Monday, 17 September 2007

Gen Y Marketing Podcast Now on Facebook

So apart from both Jake and myself being on facebook (hey Paulie where are you at?) the Gen Y Marketing Podcast now has its very own group that you can join. Click Here!

To tell you the truth, there are no real extra-added benefits of joining the group on facebook (we don't have any special promotions or extra post - though apparently Jake has some old white t-shirts he is keen to give away) but you can join up with other people who are jamming along to the podcast - and we all need more friends, right?

Alright, you can also post comments and discussions on the wall and discussion board, and you can also help me turn the group slowly against Jake - I tell ya I don't know why he thinks he is so smart.

Anyway, click on the picture link below (and if you haven't join facebook yet, sign up) and join the group so we can all be friends.


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