Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Big Kevin07

I plan on two posts today. That’s right, you heard me, two post on the same day. Value for money blog today. ...unprecedented on this blog.

1. Kevin07

I have mentioned before the ways that Australians are utilising new media and social networks for the upcoming federal election (in particular with Myspace Impact - see here). Now Kev (no Rudd anymore) has his own very web2.0'ie' site, Kevin07, that brings all his online efforts together.

It’s a nice little site, feels more like a fan site than a party site, and does a good job at showing the personal side of all this politicking. Check out some cool blogs that talk about it in a little more detail (and some would argue credible analysis than I have here :))

Social Media in Australian
Laurel Papworth

I will just say, with the leaked Liberal party pollster report, continuing poor polling results for Howard and the way that Kev's has been accepted in the media (both "mainstream" and alternative social media) - it seems to me that Kevin Rudd for PM has crossed, what Gladwell refers to as, the tipping point. The point of wide and default acceptance, where it seems that people have decided already that Kevin will be the next Prime Minister. This enables people to emotionally invest further with Kevin as the acceptance deepens and widens (oooh I just love it when marketing actually applies to the real world!)

Just In...Someone at work just pointed out to me that since Big Kev died last year, there has been a Kevin-void in society that is being filled by Mr. Rudd. How much time after Big Kevs death do we need to let pass before we can start calling Rudd "Big Kev

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