Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Ninemsn Cutting Into Video Sharing

So I was playing around on yourcut the other night, just checking out new videos, how you get paid, how videos are hosted…what’s that, you don’t know what I am talking about? Yourcut? Never heard of it? Don’t worry, most people haven’t.
Yourcut is an online video-sharing site that allows people to make money from putting their videos online. Users share revenue with yourcut 50/50. Sounds a little like revver? Well that’s because it essentially is. Revver released their API, and ninemsn used that to develop this site. For a review of the aesthetics of the site, check out online marketing stuff’s review here.

My main problems with yourcut is that ninemsn have kept the ninemsm branding at the top of the page. Apart from looking a little untidy, I don’t want to be reminded that this is ninemsn. They are daggy. Makes it feel like a forty-year-old man dressed up in skate-gear trying to look young. These are vastly conflicting messages being sent out to the user. Ninemsm is a stale brand for young people – the majority of users for video-sharing sites. Having the ninemsn presence on the site will make it seem not fresh and a little too corporate. I can’t see why ninemsn could not create this as a stand alone site, keep their Australian focus, and drive traffic to it from the ninemsn landing page they way they are attempting to do now.

Given the nature for online business these days is that there is very little, or no, prize for being second – ninemes’s reason for undertaking this project surely could not have been to rival youtube. Perhaps ninemsn, with its history and competence is selling ad space through television and print media, are attempting to turn these skills to online videos. It will be interesting to see how well they will do at this. My opinion at this stage is that a 15 second ad for a 30 second clip is too long and a waste of my time.

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