Monday, 13 August 2007

Diet Coke Films goes ABC Sunday Arts

So I promised I would do a follow up on the Diet Coke Films site to see how they had progressed and to be honest if I hadn't said I would do this chances are I would have never revisited the site (it doesn't quite make it to my top 10 favourite web pages).

Diet Coke know their customer pretty well and at the risk of pigeon holing them its 30+ females working in a corporate environment, so it makes me wonder why today's movie got a look in. "Wally the Rainbow Serpent" is a well produced movie don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure that it really suits Diet Cokes core demographic more suited to a 3min break between Robert Hughes review of 20th century American sculptors and a piece on the Western Australia Ballet Company on ABC's Sunday afternoon programming. According to the site this is the second time Diet Coke have run the film (for those who missed it the first time) and has a total 1572 views, a little short of the 162,228 views of a cat rubbing its face on youtube.

So it seems as though the site isn't doing as well as they would have hoped. Hats off to coke for trying the idea, but I get the feeling that they would have been better off employing some true online video content consumers to consult on the project rather than going down the slick marketing path. Deciding to sacrifice usability for the sake of pretty backgrounds and flash animations are unacceptable in my opinion. Youtube is a great site cause its simple and the videos load quickly (and really that's why I'm there to watch the videos) where as the coke site makes me wait for ages for the video to load.. not cool.

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NAT_NUDGE said...

Nice post dude. I am surprised you know who Robert Hughes is!