Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Come one, come all..

So we are finally here! Yes after months of messing around with hosting and HTML code we have finally got everything up and running. So a quick introduction is in order so without further ado here is a very quick rundown of who we are and why we have cordoned off our own little part of the internet..

We kicked off Nudge Marketing after having spent years scratching out heads at the ludicrously ineffective marketing that gets shoved in front of us every time a marketer sees out eyes stop moving for more that 5 seconds at a time. Being a pair of 20-somethings and having been involved in the product development and marketing of a bunch of former employees, it became glaringly obvious that few companies had worked out how to market to our gen X/Y age demographic well and the rest could do with a little help (from us) understanding the world anyone under 30 lives in.

So we setup Nudge Marketing in the hope that we can help make the marketing process a little more enjoyable for customers and advertisers alike and maybe in the process help consumers to feel a little closer to the companies they buy from.

So this Friday we will be recording the first of the Nudge Marketing Podcast's, the aim of which is to discuss news and issues facing marketing in a world where running a 30sec ad spot in prime time TV isn't going to capture 98% of the country's attention.

Next post - the trials and tribulations of recording a podcast..

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